Our students are encouraged to develop as Christian people through a systematic program of pastoral care in an environment that fosters in each student a sense of unique value, self-esteem and importance to society.

We are dedicated to educational excellence, encouraging students to reach their potential in a nurturing environment to help them become productive Australian citizens reflecting the Christian faith of the Assyrian Church of the East, Assyrian Language and culture.

The College takes seriously its responsibility to identify, nurture, and develop each student’s talents. For our College to be able to do this successfully students need to know that they are always respected and supported.

College staff work together to meet the pastoral care needs of students. Pastoral Care teachers, supported by Year Advisors are able to support students through daily interactions and regular dialogue.

Empowering and connecting students through a holistic approach to education

St Narsai Assyrian Christian College ensures the welfare of our students are well looked after by making sure the environment they are surrounded in is organised, safe and secure where positive and good learning can take place.

Pastoral Care at St Narsai Assyrian Christian College is the concern that the College has for each individual to develop academically, socially and spiritually. It is reflected in the Christian ethos of the community and individuals caring for and respecting each other. It includes a structure where teachers and other professionals are responsible for the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of all.

At St Narsai Assyrian Christian College our understanding of Pastoral Care is displayed through:

  • Christ’s teaching, and strong pastoral principles being evident in the College’s Welfare policy.
  • An open and welcoming atmosphere being genuinely promoted within the school by all.
  • A focus on Individual rights and responsibilities.
  • A positive and supportive College climate that enables each student to reach their full potential, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and socially.
  • Understanding, acknowledging and responding to the needs of all students
  • Students and their families who require special support being readily assisted by the College’s personnel (including the Year Advisers, Counsellor, Careers Adviser, Welfare Coordinator, Chaplain, Learning Support Teachers), resources and professional contacts.

Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care team, involves every teacher at the school, specifically consisting of the Pastoral Care Coordinator, Year Advisors, Pastoral Care Teachers, School Counsellor,  Principal and Deputy Principals. 

The Pastoral Care team meets weekly and is responsible for developing student welfare programs, policies management and procedures in accordance with the College’s Strategic Plan

Pastoral Care Coordinator: The Pastoral Care Coordinator, alongside Year advisor and their team, has a crucial role in developing, implementing and leading pastoral care/wellbeing programs with conjunction students, staff and parents. The Pastoral Care Coordinator collaborates with the Deputy Principal, Learning Support Coordinator, Career Advisor, School Counsellor and other support staff who have the skills, training and commitment to provide pastoral care/ wellbeing guidance and support to students.

Year Advisor: The main objective of the Year Advisor is to look after the wellbeing of all students in their year group. They are essential in developing, fostering and maintaining positive relationships with students and caregivers. They may refer students, or issues regarding students, to the appropriate Head of Department, Pastoral Care Coordinator or Deputy Principal.

Pastoral Care Teacher: Each Pastoral Care group is led by a Pastoral Care Teacher who is directly responsible for the welfare of all the students in that class. Pastoral Care Teachers have a number of responsibilities including: Being the first point of contact within the College for any pastoral/personal matters and refer them to the year advisor, proactively monitor and manage student behaviour, attitude and standards and ensure they are constantly liaising with their year advisor.

Counsellor: Our College Counsellor is accredited with the ACA and works with students facing social and emotional issues. This support is provided to the students at the school setting with peers and teachers, along with support at home with family members. Issues may include:
– anxiety and depression
– behavioural management
– social skills
– family relationships
– grief and loss
– personal development
– conflict resolution

Referrals to the counsellor can be via the teacher or other staff personnel, the student themselves or the parent/caregiver through the College Office.


Pastoral Care Programs and Initiatives

St. Narsai Assyrian Christian College’s Pastoral Care program caters to every stage in the life of our students. At every year level, a special program is fully integrated throughout the school to ensure holistic and complete support for each student.

Pastoral care also teaches students how to build respectful and meaningful relationships. Initiatives such as our Restorative Justice program enable students to restore broken friendships and mature into respected and respectful young citizens

Our students set goals for their learning, as well as for their mental, spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing. St. Narsai’s Year Advisors, together with our pastoral carers, strive to ensure that all students feel safe and supported as they work towards their educational and personal goals

Topics covered in each year group’s Pastoral Care program include:

Year 7: Goal Setting, Assessment Exam Preparation, Persistence, Peer Support, Resilience, Gratitude

Year 8: Respect, Time Management, Team Building, Confidence, Cyber Safety, Positive Behaviour Program

Year 9: Goal setting, Team Building, Growth Mind Set, Bullying, Exam Preparation,

Year 10: Career Setting, Study Skills, Cyber Smart, Organisation Skills, ERM Power, Positive Behaviour Program

Year 11: Welcome to the HSC, Study Techniques and Procedures

Year 12: Careers Workshop, Study Skills, Exam Techniques

St. Narsai Assyrian Christian College are involved in several Pastoral care initiatives and programs to enable students to feel a sense of belonging. These initiatives include;

  • Yearly College Camps for selected cohorts
  • Peer Support Program
  • Student Wellbeing Leaders
  • House based competitions- School Sports Carnivals, recognition of Academic achievements and College expectations
  • Secondary School Transition Program
  • Peer Mentor program
  • School Clubs – Chess club, book club, music and choir, ceramics workshop, writing club
  • Community initiatives Clean Up Australia day, Anti Bullying workshops, Mental Health, Resilience programs and more.
  • Student Voice program
  • Student Breakfast with the Principal
  • Morning Drop in Study Centre
  • Prayer Box
  • Spiritual Picnic Days for every Year group
  • Mental Health Workshops for Stage 6 students

School Houses

To encourage and reward team work, positive behaviour, and sporting achievements at carnivals, students are allocated to one of four houses – Nisibis, Nineveh, Edessa or Seleucia – reflecting St. Narsai’s commitment to lifelong learning and understanding of our ancient and deep cultural roots. The St Narsai end of year award is given to the house who accumulates the most points based on academic credit and School carnival points.

House Name and logo


House Logo







Nisibis is the home of St. Ephrem Malpana (the teacher) born in 306AD and St. Narsai the Harp of the Spirit born 399AD (which this school is named after.




Edessa was a city in Upper Mesopotamia, founded on an earlier site ca. 302 BC










Nineveh was the capital of the Ancient Assyrians.






Seleucia was the capital of the Seleucid Empire; founded by Seleucus I Nicator, one of Alexander the Great’s generals.